Figured I’d spend the last few months before selling my business working nonstop. Not 100% sure what I’m doing after saying goodbye, but chances are having a beefed up savings account will help

First time doing this “new job” thing in over four years. It’s kinda fun. I wanted something for weekends, and maybe nights. Ideally no more than 20 hours since I’ll be working 50 hours of manual labor weekly for my company. Checking Craigslist for jobs was surprisingly good, there were a lot of options that I was mildy interested in...

1st pick) Pagliachi’s pizza deliverery driver - $20/h to drive the Miata around at “totally reasonable” speeds, all while being compensated for gas AND having a fantastic test of willpower via free pizza during my diet? What’s not to love. I don’t even have to worry about pizza smell ingraining itself into the car, thanks to the whole convertible thing.

Applied online, and was called within an hour for an interview by what sounded like a very young kid who introduced himself as the manager. Seemed a little... surprised at my qualifications. I went full-throttle with the full resumé and I’m guessing most applicants are first jobs or inexperienced college students. Anyways, interview on Sunday. Will be rocking the full suit because why the hell not. Flexible work schedule and they’re less than a mile from me. The plan is to talk the hourly wage up a bit from the start, and if that works I’ll call it good and try my hand at delivery. If they’re firm, I’ll still consider it, but look to other options as well, like...

2nd pick) Car Wash attendant - $15/h +$2000.00/quarter for school and medical/dental/401k. This is at a brown bear car wash connected to the Chevron I take my work trucks to. I know the guys there, and would enjoy working with them. Easy job, but probably tedious. That’s not a huge issue for a low hour, temporary job, but still. Assuming all benefits would be available without working full time, this might be a good idea. I need more details. And to decide whether or not school will be happening asap, or in half a year or so... 401k matching sounds pretty damn nice though. But without the benefits, the wage isn’t enough to consider for a job I’m not particularly interested in.


That said, I still applied, and have an interview Monday. Maybe I’m being too self-confident, but I figure that I’m pretty much gaurenteed any jobs I interview for at this level so it’s more about picking what offers me the best deal.

3rd pick) entry-level serving/bussing position at one of a few super trendy, hip restaurants downtown. I always said I’d never work at a restaurant... But I love the managing aspect of it. Spent a year as the dude who went out and sampled food/wine to consider bringing into a popular chain. That was fun. Pros - trying something new. Attractive women. I know the biz quite well, taking home a good amount of cash each night in addition to paychecks, free (really good) food and drink. Could easily morph into a lucrative (but insanely stressful career). Oh and lots of famous people? Is that a perk? We have a few Seahawks girlfriends working here, and there are plenty of high-rollers dropping thousands every night. Lots of famous Musicians... Marilyn Manson among them. Cons - insanely fast-paced, high-demand environment, long shifts, lots of room for promotions, I’m unsure of my ability to memorize orders and stuff for lots of people.... But likely not at the number of hours I’d like to work.

Or.... Something else. Any ideas? I’m open to absolutely anything, with the caveat being that if the job doesn’t offer room for growth, or personal enjoyment, the wages have to be higher to justify that. I’ve considered looking into a dealership job, Microsoft secretary, home insulation and back to personal training. Or starting another business, but that’s too much of a commitment at the moment. What other good ideas are there?