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I assume these don't show up very often...

I was poking around Goo-Net Exchange and came across a real JDM unicorn...

...a 1994 Autozam Revue. The Revue was built from 1990 to 1998, sold in it’s first five years under the Autozam marque, until it’s demise in 1994. After that, it was sold as the Mazda Revue.


It was also sold in export markets like Europe (replaced by a rebadged Ford Fiesta after 1995), Australia, and New Zealand as the Mazda 121.

Interestingly, the styling of the Revue may remind people of the second generation GEO/Chevrolet Metro, which was introduced the same year this was built, and lasted two years after the Revue was discontinued.


The Revue offered three engines: a 1.1 liter (Europe only), 1.3 liter, and 1.5 liter, with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

This Revue Luna S is equipped with the 1.3 (76PS) and the automatic transmission.


If you can find a Revue built before July 1992, those models are now legal to be imported to the US. This one in particular was built in May of 1994, meaning it still has a little under two years before it’s able to possibly make the voyage here.


It’s a small, interesting looking oddball that would certainly turn heads. Now that I think of it...imagine a comparison of this against a 1.3 liter equipped Metro.

As hard as it seems these Revues are to find, they’re really cheap when you do find one. This one in particular is listed at 190,000 yen, which comes out to just $1,721.70. Of course, that’s with 108,265 km on the odometer.

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