Do you think replacing the clutch of a 2000 I4 5MT Honda Accord with 220kM is a good idea seeing as it would be about $800 to get it done? The body doesn't have any rust on it, just some spots on the hood. On Kijiji in my area (Calgary) similar cars are going for about $2500-$3000 with no listed problems. The clutch as of now is getting damn squirrely to drive anywhere with, it won't even hold onto 1st now until it's at about 3000RPM.

Not mine, but you get the Idea.

Right now my choices are:

  1. Repair the clutch and keep on driving it until something more drastic happens
  2. Repair the clutch, sell it and buy a newer used car with under 100k (I have up to $10,000 I could use)
  3. Trade it in and get a new Focus ST (I'm going to a dealership thursday to see what the trade in is like and to check out the ST).

As far as used cars go, I've started looking at getting possibly an RX-8 (need to see if it will fit my wife and I as well as our puppy and enough gear for camping), or importing a Legacy GT-B from Japan (or finding one that is already landed).


So Oppo, what do you guys think?

Edit: it seems like the consensus is fix it myself or at a shop. Thanks for the advice guys.