I Ate This Last Night

‘Twas fat Tuesday. When in Rome.

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Overall: not as bad as you would think. It’s basically two Krispey Kreme style doughnuts, a cut of breaded chicken breast, extra glaze as sauce, and one pickle slice.

I watched them drop the doughnuts in the fryer, so at least you know they’re not stale and dry. They glaze them up afterward, slap the chicken on it, drop a pickle, and then add additional icing glaze as their “condiment”. All topped off with the second doughnut.


If you like sweet and salty combo, it’s good. My biggest gripe was the extra glaze they pour on. There was so much of it. Overwhelmed the flavor and made it super messy. A nice pool of warm icing sat stagnant at the bottom of the container. Chicken cut tasted like KFC, lacked a bit of seasoning. Apparently, icing can overpower 11 herbs and spices.

Excuse me while I fast the next two days to clear this out of me.


PS-is it donut or doughnut? 

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