No one seemed to pick up on it in my post on Sunday, but that was Hoovie’s McLaren

Of course he only showed the run where I hit some cones...I had another go and was clean, but botched the ‘turnaround’ so I was a hair slower.


Overall I finished 6th in raw time in the McLaren out of 38 drivers. Ahead of me were an FMod racecar, a nationals trophy winner in a C6 Z06 on racing slicks, impressive performances from a modified WRX and a Focus RS, and a Camaro ZL1 1LE driven by a pretty darn good driver. Considering that all of those cars were on slicks or 200 TW autox tires, I’m pretty damn impressed with the McLaren and myself given its tire handicap (and my own handicap of driving someone else’s McLaren)


I was about a second slower in my own car, even with good tires. Still learning the FRS, and the course certainly favored cars with power

I cannot thank Tyler enough for letting me drive that car. Legitimately a dream car that I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get behind the wheel of without spending more money than I have on a rental. 

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