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AWD doriftos?

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Apparently more power + more grip makes for some fantastic, easily controlled sliding. My neighbor let me try his tuned WRX, and I let him play around with the Miata. I think we both walked away loving each other’s cars...

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HHere’s video of my neighbor drifting the Subaru.. Wish I got video of me in it, I was getting a lot more sideways than him. Always thought AWD would be boring but honestly.... It was a blast. Basically approached it like my Miata, breaking traction, getting sideways, and adjusting via throttle and steering input. More drive wheels, more power, but the basics were the same. Didn’t need to radically change how I drove. Anyways, check out that CAMERA WORK

And here’s my neighbor trying out the Miata! First time in a RWD car. I told him to go full lock and mash the gas just to get an idea of how easy it is to get the tail loose. He picked it up quick.

And lastly, top-down shenanigans because I couldn’t resist. We’re at about 7" of snow today and I can’t wait to go out later and get back to the hooning!

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