I awoke the big blue beast today

For the first time in about a month. After I aired up the flat tire and jumped the poor thing.

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Since my dad’s sudden passing, his Silverado has mostly just sat since my mom, brother, and I don’t particularly like driving it for a variety of reasons. So it tends to sit for a couple weeks or more at a time. Typically I’m the one who gets it going and goes and takes it around the block.

Once you get it going it still runs like a top after a looooong high idle, 5.3 purring like a kitten through the obnoxiously loud Magnaflow exhaust. Though it keeps wanting to die on decel to stops so I need to look into that.


I eventually need to make up a craigslist ad to sell the big dumb thing but I can’t quite bring myself to do it yet.

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