I became "That kid" tonight

I decided for some reason to put a glasspack on my Ranger.

This project became a lot more expensive than I was intending. Around $6 for a 25” Thrush Glasspack at Advance, plus clamps, a 90 degree elbow, and a mid-pipe for a short wheel base Ranger all together set me back about $50. I originally planned on just removing the muffler on the truck (the whole system cat-back was only about a couple years old. I decided it was too quiet) and putting the Thrush in its place, to use the mid-pipe and tail pipe I already had. After that wouldn’t work because I couldn’t get the system to separate without destroying anything, I just decided to go the short pipe route. For right now, I just have the 90 on the end towards the outside, eventually I will put an end on it and it will go out the whole way.


After taking a short drive and letting the truck run a bit, I do like the sound. It isn’t as loud as I expected/feared. It is nice and quiet at idle but does make some noise once you get on it. There’s a slight bit of drone at cruising speed, but not nearly enough to annoy me. I’m curious to see how the sound changes over time.

I ended up managing to save the old muffler and mid-pipe, but I had to cut the tail pipe to get it out of the truck. No big deal, really. I don’t really plan on needing it again.


Oh, and another thing? I discovered how hot these glasspacks get. Very, if you’re wondering.

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