I have important things to do today, but I am not doing them. I called my secretary to tell her to tell everyone I am out today.

I have already worked on the Vespa, reattaching the engine to the frame. Next, I need to reattach the exhaust. If that goes well, I might do the replacement body panels that I have. We will see.

In between, I am picking up the Subaru and dropping off the Sunchaser to try to find my oil leak, and to install the OEM hood release cable as I spend money on stock parts no one will ever know about but me. I know there are Oppos that understand my pain at having a Honda hood release cable in my vintage Toyota. I must stand against such things lest society collapse into barbarism.


I am being very irresponsible and am playing hooky. I come here for you to support and encourage my misdeeds.


Toby just walked out here and peed on the bag of cat litter I use for spills. Perhaps this is an omen. I am bad at interpreting signs.