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I needed a new phone since I moved and Verizon is the only carrier with coverage at my new place. My trusty Oneplus 6 doesn’t have the radios to connect to Verizon’s Network so in addition to a new carrier I needed the new phone. I could have gone with another Android but I loved the integrated phone setup on my Mom’s Crosstrek so much I ended up jumping ship to get that experience for the Car Play only Corolla. One Space Gray iPhone XS for the squirrel.


Hardware is very nice in the hand, though as someone who has only ever had Android phones (last iOS device was a 5th generation iPod Touch running iOS 8) I’m quite disoriented right now. The screen is super nice. I actually went in to the store looking at an XR and couldn’t go back to an LCD after having AMOLED phones for years. So I groaned internally and sprung for the XS.

Apple is a bunch of cheap bastards though. My music library doesn’t fit on a 64gb device and they don’t make a 128gb XS so I had to jump all the way to a 256gb. Then I got home and discovered they don’t even give you the headphone dongle.


That said the haptics are amazing. FaceID is cool but it weirds me out that there is no action to unlock the phone. I just pick it up and it’s unlocked.

TL;DR: I needed a new phone, loved using Android Auto in my Mom’s Crosstrek, car on order only has Car Play, spent way too much to move over to iOS.


Anyone know how I turn off the sounds this phone makes when you use the media controls in the notification and in the control center?

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