I did it - I bought the Abarth :D

I test drove a few Abarth hatchbacks in Denver - couldn’t find one that I liked in the price range I was comfortable with. I browsed Autotrader and craigslist for 2 months, and I found a 2014 Abarth Convertible GQ Edition in Utah. I bought it sight unseen - it has 9000 miles, so any issues should be covered by warranty, and it looked spotless in photos.

I am flying over there next Saturday with my buddy to pick it up, and we’ll drive it back to Denver together.

I know it will be a bit softer, and I know it won’t be quite as loud as an Abarth hatch - both issues should be easy enough to remedy with aftermarket. Paperwork is in the mail, I am getting it tomorrow, I’ll send it back overnight, and should be able to just walk in the dealership, pick it up, and drive back. I am super excited :D :D