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This after returning an HP OfficeJet whatever after two days, which was the biggest piece of shit and beyond frustrating. My last Canon lasted me 10 years, so I figure I’d return to them and hope this was less terrible.


So far, it prints, and it scans. I have it on USB only for now because my WiFi is hummmm spotty lately.

I also bought it because it has a physical disc for the software upload. Using whatever string of websites on HP was a joke. It would not recognize my IP or model number, even after accepting it and connecting several minutes ago. Manually inputting the codes also did not work on the HP. The troubleshooting on HP was worthless.


“Would you like us detect problems?”


“Unable to detect problems”


“Have you tried turning it on and off again?”

Literally their prompt for everything.

Okay back to this Canon:

- it’s made out of pre-bailout GM plastic

- it’s loud as fuck. REEEEEEEEEEEEEER

- it works

- it’s simple

TLDR, it’s the crappy used Corolla of printers. And that’s all I need.

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