I Bought a 4Runner!

1999 SR5 Highlander (Sport) 4x4 Auto V6 with a whopping 105k miles on it (yes, ONE hundred and five thousand). Needs some odds and ends (mostly catch-up maintenance) and should be good to go. Running boards and rear bumper are rusty, will address that. Frame is good, nothing beyond some surface rust in places (will also address that). Rear brakes are funky, adjusters probably seized up.


Here’s the window sticker for more details.

Once the emissions monitors all show ready, I’ll find out if I can register it or if it needs cats first. It will probably need cats (had a code before I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU) and/or O2 sensors. After that the other work begins.

There are also bolts broken off where the license plate mounts, so that should be interesting to mend. It’s also very dirty, moreso on the outside than inside. It hasn’t been abused, more of neglected. It’ll get the usual full-looking-over and all fluids, etc. before taking over daily duties. I have a very busy month coming up so it may be a little while before I have any more news with this car.

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