So this may go down as my biggest win of all time.

Better than buying my 280z for 2600 and daily driving it for a year before doing the LS swap.

Better than buying the 1983 RX7 for 1000 and selling for 1500 3 days later.

Better than buying a bike from Gas Monkey garage for 900 and selling it on ebay for 2550.

I purchased a 1998 Mazda Protege with less than 60k on the dash for 880 bucks !

Here's how this story goes. One day my coworker who sits in the cubical just to the right of me comes in cursing up and down that his car is a total piece of shit. I asked him what the issues were and all he could say was it's overheating fast and the battery keeps dying. So I asked for the key and went out to the parking lot to take a look. Upon further inspection I realize the cars serpentine belt that runs the water pump and alternator was missing. The Passenger Side Strut is Blown and the check engine light was on. After explaining that this car does need some work he offers the car to me. Stating that he'd take a 1000 bucks if I'm interested. While I was interested I wasn't interested at that price point since I'd need to invest more money to get the car running properly. I offered him 880 by taking the total amount of repairs needed and splitting the cost down the middle.


Once money and title were exchanged the following day. (him coming to work yet again over heating with a dead battery) I called my mobile mechanic . The Mobile mechanic charged me 60 bucks to replace the belt including him going to the parts store and buying it. Since the belt has been replaced I've been daily driving the car without issues watching my coworker boil with frustration and it's been great !

The only other issue I've had was on Monday this week as I pulled back into my West Austin home I heard a ting .. The same ting were all used to hearing when we drop a bolt, nut , screw , wrench on the exhaust of the car while changing spark plugs or your monthly blinker fluid change. As I got out of the car to inspect I see the entire passenger rear tire covered in oil. First thought was (damn I popped a brake line) nope not that. The oil drain plug had "popped out" "fell out" whatever you want to call it somehow a bolt that's supposed to be tight 99.9999999% of a cars life fell off. I went to the parts store 40 bucks later I had a new plug and oil change done in about 10 minutes.

Also changed the spark plugs which fixed the check engine light.


SO if anyone else is buying a car for the amount I just did with less than 60k on the dash. You must also have a massive deal boner like myself.