Yes, I indeed did. Today I took my first drive in it after starting up insurance and getting plates on it. This is what happened.

First of all, it sat for almost a year. Nathan had just done a transmission service on it for the previous owner and it sat at our house. I offered him $300 for it and he agreed. Today, I went to start it, and nothing. The battery was done.

I jumped in the faithful DSM and drove to O’Reilly auto and purchased a jump box. It started immediately and I proceeded to take the jump box with me.


Since it had been sitting, I headed to the gas station and aired up the tires, and the car was idling so quietly I had thought it died, but it hadn’t. Once the tires were aired up, I went to the fuel pump, turned off the car and went inside.

I prepaid $10 and pumped some fresh 89 in it, cleaned up the windows and checked the oil. Everything was kosher, except...

Click click click. Glad I brought that jump box with me. Jumped it off and drove about twenty miles. I kept smelling brakes and brought the car home. Turns out the rear driver side drum is stuck from sitting and I’m afraid it may catch fire. So tomorrow it’s getting some attention on that drum.

Additionally the battery won’t charge. I have a battery from the Audi that was brand new. If it fits, I’m gonna send it lol.


Stay tuned.

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