...to keep my dashcam company.

I’m not an egregious speeder, and I haven’t gotten stopped in over 15 years; but I’m thinking of switching to something more conspicuous like an S2000 or ND Miata, so I figured I’d try this out.

There’s a guy Vortex on RDForum who does a lot of research on detectors, and personally runs a V1. He has a “tune” of settings he recommends, which is what I loaded to start with. It disables X-band detection entirely.

The company only sells direct, and they often have some returned units which they sell for 10% off — that’s what I got, plus the Android Bluetooth dongle for flashing new settings.

On my morning suburban commute I got one laser strike, though I didn’t see anything around. I’m happy that this will at least hopefully give me a better picture of speed enforcement activity in the area.