I put down a deposit on a 250 inline-6 for my pickup. It is coming out of a ‘66 c10, was rebuild in 1998(he had the invoice) and has racked up all of 18K miles since then(truck was parked a few years after the rebuild due to a rotted frame).

It is complete from carb to pan, and runs smoothly(aside from a *ruined* water pump bearing). So all I’ll need to do is replace the water pump & gaskets, swap my single-pulley front accessories and figure out a throttle pedal setup(it has a cable, my 230 has a mechanical linkage). And I paid all of $350. for it.

This is good because the 230 in my truck is a worn out mess with multiple issues. I have tried time & again to get it to run smoothly without any luck.

Of course nothing can be simple though, and the 1 month old alternator on the truck crapped out on the drive to the guy’s house. So I need to replace that before he calls me to tell me the motor is pulled & ready to go.

Interestingly, he wants to buy the old cab on my truck despite it having rotted sills and a dented roof. I’m more than willing to sell it to him once I get my better cab done & mounted. So this motor may end up costing me even less when all is said & done.