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I BOUGHT a new daily!

As some of you already know from a previous post my original daily cost too much to repair this go around so the search was on for a replacement. The criteria?

  • 1. Sedan
  • 2. Automatic (The wife has to be able to drive it comfortably, she can drive manual, my 05 Mustang GT used to be hers actually!)
  • 3. Faster (The grand marquis did 0-60 in 8 seconds and had a quarter mile time in the 16’s so not a huge hurdle)
  • 4. More MPG’s (not hard at all either, since the grand marquis got a calculated 20-21mpg on my 60% highway, 40% traffic / city loop to and from work).
  • 5. Allow me to drive a week on a tank, which is roughly 360 miles.

I think I succeeded! You could watch the beginning portion for hints and a little game, but because I am not the time wasting sort skip the video to the 3:15 mark for instant gratification! I’d love to think what my fellow OPPO’s think of this new daily! Also, a little go-go at 8:46, my daughter is one of US already!


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