I’ve been on a varied mission to either replace our family hauler with something more fun or just buy a cheaper older manual sports car. Today that saga ends.

I shook hands with a gentleman after an offer a little under his pretty fair asking price and will be picking up a 1984 Porsche 944 tonight. It was in really good shape but there were no delusions about collectability. Some 944 owners will tell you that numbers matching, original paint, and whatever else increases the value of their 944 but don’t know when the timing belt was changed. This one had a nicely done recent paint job, a transferred over set of nice seats, and a working dash put in place(meaning I’ll never know truly exact miles but my dash will work) and a recent timing belt change and shock and struts all replaced. No accidents, no rust. He guessed the clutch had been replaced but admitted it was a guess.

I didn’t want a collector, which is why I abandoned dreams of a 914 with more rust than paint. I wanted a nice driving stick to learn manual on that has just a bit of getup. I’m a little bummed that I don’t have much left to sort out but I’ll live. I’m sure gremlins will appear. It’ll leave me more time to worry about what is now my wife’s e34.

And I know its a bit cliche but the 944 does look better in person. Especially the fender flares.