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I bought a thing

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I haven’t been around much lately, as my life has gotten much busier since I returned from France. I miss all the day to day discussions, although I do check in from time to time. Anyways, I never made a post when I bought my bike a few weeks ago, so here it is.


It’s a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250. I bought it from a Brazilian woman in her 40s who had owned it since new for $2200 with 1306 miles on it. She also threw in a battery tender, and a nice jacket, gloves, and helmet that she wasn’t going to need anymore (now my girlfriend’s). I was worried that some of the seals and fluids would be bad since it wasn’t ridden much, but she took it to a mechanic to be refreshed after every winter!

The only things I’ve had to do are adjust the cable tension and idle, replace a bent clutch lever (from me dropping it—oops), lubricate the cables, and change the oil. I also accidentally dropped a piece of my oil syringe in the crank case and had a wonderful time fishing that out with a bent coat hanger and needle nose pliers. It’s been great for trying to teach myself how to wrench, and I’ve loved every minute of being a motorcycle owner/rider.


So that's a little update from me, anything new with you Oppo?

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