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I bought a thing.

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I traded my ‘08 MS3 GT for a ‘15 Focus ST. Fully loaded.

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Compared to my lowered, cold air intake, rear motor mount MS3, the Focus is extremely quiet and smooth. I find myself cruising at 4k rpms and not realizing it because the exhaust and motor is so quiet. The MS3 had interior squeaks and rattles that would drive you insane and the FoST just seems solid. Again, factory fresh vs. modded and 7 years old. The Focus feels like a luxury car in comparison, but my threshold for discomfort is probably quite high since I didn’t think the Mazda was too bad. The Mazda felt a bit faster, but that could be due to the turbo lag, which the Ford has none in comparison. That’s all for now, I just picked it up last night. I know there are a bunch of other ST owners on here.

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