Details later once I’ve gotten plates, insurance, and picked up a few parts for it I have lined up. Quick specs are:



4 Cylinder



158k miles

So far it either burns or leaks a little antifreeze, at worst maybe needs some work in the cooling system. A/C compressor doesn’t work, but I found a replacement (and some roof rails) for pretty cheap locally. Looks like it’s pretty easy to work on so far and I got it for an absolute steal!


fourvalleys,mkbruin, Atlas VP, Captain of the Beige Wonder, and For Canada got it right.




It already had the SAABARU stickers on it when I bought it.

Remaining specs are:

Auto (Why I bought it, I need a commuter for traffic, this is the first automatic car I’ve actually bought in my 10 years of driving)


All stock, well maintained

1 accident (rear ended, hatch and bumper have a terrible respray, might be some bondo but I need to inspect it further)


This is my daily so I can really go crazy with the MR2 (once it’s off the boat and back in the states, and I get settled at the new job and get a house... I’m expecting that to be close to a year) Not too much planned. I am getting roof rails and an A/C compressor for pretty cheap, gotta take the headlights apart and reseal them, they have condensation on the inside and are pretty yellowed, and fix the coolant issue, which appears to be caused by a wrong hose pressing the upper radiator hose onto the power steering pulley. Might look into an accessport and stage 1 but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.