It’s a 1:43 scale model of an Audi R18! Specifically it is a model of the #1 driven by Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fassler, and Benoit Treluyer in the 2013 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. For something that is only about 4 inches long this thing is insanely detailed.

You can see the dive planes inside the rear fenders


Lots of small details all over the car. I mean look at this brake disk:

And the fact that the supports between the 2 rear wing elements are molded on (as well as the clips that hold on the front and rear bodywork though I could not get a good photo of those as my phone could not focus at that close of a distance):


I also learned that the silver coating on the roof is actually asymmetrical, which I had never noticed before.

While the passenger side follows the black paint placed over the window the driver side stops above the window.


I had never noticed this detail before until I saw this and checked it with actual photos, which it matched.

One thing I noticed while I had it out of the case was some of the interior details. The seat and seat belts are molded into the interior (could not see a steering wheel though, possibly to dark) as well as the drink and washer fluid bottles. That’s kinda crazy on something this small. Couldn’t get any pictures because it is too dark inside the car.


There are a couple of small paint issues along the rear edge of the body work, as well as in the silver on the passenger side but they aren’t too noticeable. This car is definitely going to stay inside its plastic case as I feel it would be impossible to clean without breaking some of the tiny details.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase of this desk ornament of my favorite race car.