What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Woohoo! Meet Felix. After way too much time spent hunting for a 981 Boxster S with the options I wanted, I finally came across this example from Dallas Lease Returns. First of all, I want to note that this is the best dealership that I’ve ever worked with. Specifically, I bought the car from a salesman named Robert, and would encourage anyone to give him a call if you’re in the market. Now, about the car...


2014 Porsche Boxster S with a manual transmission and the following options:

  • Sport Chrono Package (Sport+, rev-matching, dynamic transmission mounts, increased throttle responsiveness)
  • X73 Sport Suspension (lowered 20mm, larger sway bar, more competitive coilovers)
  • Heated/Ventilated Seats
  • Porsche Dynamic Light System (swiveling/auto-leveling HID headlights)
  • Porsche Communication Management (Nav, lap timer, g-meter, etc.)
  • 20" painted Carrera S Classic wheels
  • Auto dimming center and exterior mirrors
  • Painted Roll Bar
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Auto-sensing wipers
  • Sport classic steering wheel
  • Bose stereo
  • 14-way memory seats
  • Some more random a la carte Porsche stuff that I’ll remember later.
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I live in Cincinnati, but the car was located in Dallas, so I spoke with Robert extensively and then paid a mobile car-inspector $200 to give me his take. There are a couple of small warranty items that I need to get taken care of, but nothing alarming. It’s a single-owner car with less than 30k miles and no issues on the Carfax; just was I was looking for. So, I flew out to Dallas on Friday and drove it home! The best part was that it was 75F and sunny in Dallas, so I enjoyed the top down all day, and then stayed with a friend who I hadn’t seen in years. Next, I got to enjoy more good weather on the way to Nashville, where I stayed with a family member. Finally, to my surprise, it was 65F in Cincinnati on Sunday, so I kept the top down on the way to catch a Xavier basketball game with a friend!

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There are definitely more practical cars, faster cars, manlier cars, cooler cars, etc., which I could have purchased for the same price, or less, than this one, but there is just something about that flat 6. After a year of looking at new or used versions of the F-Type, Focus RS, Mustang, STi, M2, M3, M4, S3, RS5, 370z, and so on, I just couldn’t shake the joy I got when thinking about stepping into my own Porsche. For context, my parents got a new black-on-black 944 before I was even born, and they still have it to this day, so I guess you could say this thing is in my blood.

I’ll probably do a review of some sort eventually, but in the meantime, AMA!

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