I have very limited wrenching skills, but the Vespa has given me practice and I am getting better. Since the only Vespa dealer in town closed, I am on my own anyway.

Through various projects, I have started building a small collection of tools beyond the rusty screwdrivers and mismatched sockets every dad has. I realized I need to store them properly.

I am hoping my son and I are going to learn a lot together with this TBird project, and I will surely be building that collection of tools further. So I need to get things organized. This unit was small, on wheels, had a work surface, and a bunch of little cubbies for screws and such.

I also like that it can plug in and run power through 3 outlets.

The unit was inexpensive, and seems like a good way to start down this road. This should be fun. My son has been watching Cletus and Reidus shows on YouTube and is determined to fix his car.


I spent $30 one of these to get him off on the right foot. The one on our car is cracked.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.