A 2006 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior thing.

I actually bought it about three weeks ago, just haven’t gotten around to posting it, or taking any good pictures of it, but here’s some CL screenshots.


I knew a new and bigger bike was inevitable last year after taking my wife on a long ride on the back of my 883 Sportster, but I was hoping to make it through at least one more summer before I started looking at different bikes. However, on one windy day on the interstate it took everything that Sporty had to maintain 80 on a slight hill and in an instant all of the love and attachment I had with that bike was gone. In the next month I only rode it once to a bike gathering to try to sell it, and that was it. It was a weird feeling loosing the love for that bike because I’ve never had that happen with anything else I’ve owned, and while I do miss it a little, I don’t regret selling it for a second.

The Warrior was never really at the top of my list for replacement bikes, because after coming off of the Sportster, I really wanted another Harley, a Street Bob to be specific (I’ll gladly defend that desire but not here, not now, come at me in the comments), but after talking it over with the wife we decided to spend a little less on the bike so we can get the hell out of town and onto and acreage ASAFP, so I started researching other bikes, which is when I found the Warrior. Even though it wasn’t the rugged and mechanical Harley that I wanted, the thought of sport bike suspension, sport bike breaks, a cast aluminum frame and 1690 cc’s of air cooled V-twin goodness for less than half the price was too tempting to pass up. So I sold my Sportster, my ‘79 924, and a project 200x (I regret that one) to fund the new purchase.


I found this beauty 5 hours from home in northern Minnesota, and as it turns out I probably didn’t need to sell as much as I did because I got a hell of a deal on it. The leftover cash was used to repair some other projects that have been waiting for a while so it was still put to good use.

I’ll try to get some better pictures and a review up at some point but in short I absolutely love the bike. It handles great, stops great, is comfy for both me and the wife, and there is SO. MUCH. TORQUE!!


I can’t wait to put some serious miles on this thing.