I Bought A Thing

Yay, I finally get to post one of these.

At the end of my farewell post to my trusty Saturn I gave a fairly obvious hint to the car that stands in its place. It is the same size, same heritage, but has a little more power.


This is a 2014 Opel Insignia OPC Buick Regal GS. It features 259 turbocharged horses from 4 explosion tubes and 6 selectable gears, unless the computer says no.

The infotainment system is very simple yet feature filled. It happens to be playing Richard Hammond’s favorite band.

The car comes with fancy gizmos and gadgets that I am not used to like push button start, remote start, back up camera, and recently air conditioning. The seats are nicely bolstered, not super hardcore like Focus ST Recaros, but definitely more support than the base Regal seats. The dash has a digital display that I can show all sorts of things from the speedometer, to the radio, and other things normal people find useless.

It’s a G-Meter, or what this call calls a friction bubble for some reason... Like what they have in Corvettes.

It came down to the Regal vs the GLI. I wasn’t expecting to come home with a Regal GS, but it met all the budget criteria and the financing worked out. It is certified pre-owned at 31,500 miles and comes with a 2 year warranty; all mine for $19,700 + interest in 48 months.


I will miss my Saturn, but as pointed out to me by a commenter here, “The Insignia is an updated Vectra so it is basically the same thing.” or as my mother put it, “It is the Saturn on steroids.” I guess I have developed an affinity for rebadged German GMs.


I look forward to the adventures with the Regal GS. I have had it for about a month and am still learning some of its quirks and features (for more of my thoughts on the quirks and features I should write an article on kinja.oppositelock.com/overdonejokes). It has already made some friends and subtlety antagonized Mustangs and Civics with their silly body kits.

Maybe if I sit here quietly, they won’t notice I’m a Buick.
I lol’d, credit: Car Throttle

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