I Bought a Thing.

Picked up my new truck on Friday.

I decided on the 2017 Ford F350 Diesel.

This is the first brand new vehicle I’ve ever purchased and at 925 LB-FT, also the most powerful.


So far I’m very happy with it. It’s freakishly quiet and much smoother than the 2009 F350 it’s replacing. Unfortunately, the ride quality will probably worsen a bit after I lift it to accomodate some big rubber but that’s a neccesity for the environment I drive in at work.

I’m unbiased when it comes to trucks (actually a GM guy), I test drove them all and also spend lots of time in all of the “Big 3" full-size trucks at work.

I’m not much for writing reviews so ask away if there’s anything you wanna know.

Here’s a few pics:


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