It appears to be some sort of digital sign system, with the guts of a 42" LCD TV, some controller computer thingy to process the images, all contained in a big-ass metal box. I plugged the Apple TV into the active HDMI port and it showed up nice and clear, although a bit too bright.

I need to find out what kind of TV it’s based on so I can program a remote to control it. I wish I could find specs to learn whether it’s 720p or 108op, for example. From what little info I did find, it looks like it was a $5,995.00 device at one time. The pawn shop had it for $100 since 2016, and refused my $41 offer last month (that was the depreciated price on the tag). Today it was marked $20 so I grabbed it. And deals like this beast are part of the reason I like driving a minivan - no waiting, no borrowing a vehicle, just toss it in and go.

UPDATE: Based on this video it appears to be 1080p.