I Bought a Thing

After about a year and a half I found the one. A 2005 BMW 330i with performance package (ZHP).

It’s a two owner car with 58,000 miles at the time of purchase. It does have an accident in its history, but also a stack of receipts wherein said accident was remedied by a BMW dealer. Plus the title is clean.


I opted for a car with the fabric seats instead of leather, as the climate in South Carolina lends itself to very hot and humid summers. The seats are billed as alcantara, but are really just a nice fabric. They’re also heated, which I didn’t realize until a couple hours after purchase.

I flew into Newark on a one way ticket and got a lift from an excellent Opponaut with an R129 Mercedes. The whole experience leading up to purchase was great, save for New Jersey drivers. In case you forgot, Oppo is full of awesome folks.

After dinner at a New Jersey diner, I headed south to Delaware, where I would stop for the night on my way back to the coast of SC. The story from there is uneventful. The car performed flawlessly over 700 miles.


The car will need some cosmetic touch ups, the wheels need refurbished, the paint needs some love, and the headliner is in the early stages of giving up. Fortunately I’m surrounded by some good Mom n pop shops to handle all of that.

Rather unfortunately, this means my beloved Grand Cherokee, which I’ve had for nearly 7 years, will be going up for sale.


I absolutely love this car.

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