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I bought a thing!

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Traded my 2015 Dodge Dart GT for a 2018 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring. I am absolutely in love. I first did a test drive a few weeks ago and I went to 3 different dealers to today and did 3 more test drives and fell more in love with the car each time. I’m definitely going to miss my manual and the fun that the Dart was, but the Subaru is the practicality, size and space that I was looking for.


Buying process was not bad actually. I started with the dealer closest to my apartment and got an initial OTD. Dealer two came within a couple hundred of that price and was going to give me $1000 more for my trade, but the additional fees negated that gain. I went to dealer 3 which was the furthest away, and they came to play ball. They gave me the most for the trade and were a good $1600 lower than the other dealers. I called up the first dealer to give him the opportunity to counter and he did beating their price by $100. The last dealer beat that by $200 more and the first guy got pissy after I came back that last time and angrily told me he wasn’t going to play auction and that he gave me a fair price and that should have earned my business. Oh well, at the end of the day I want to absolute lowest price I can get and if the last dealer wants to take a bath on that car to get my business, that’s their problem. Other than the driving around to dealers since 10am. The process at the last dealer only took about 2 hrs from the time I walked in to the time we agreed on the end price.

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