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I grew up in Laguna Hills CA, a (now) city that has had just one car dealership, a combination Buick/Mazda shop. Buick I guess because the town was originally started as a second location of Leisure World (or Seizure World, as we rudely called it in high school...), a large planned retirement community; I recently realized that I am just four years away from being able to purchase a home in this community O_0. The high school, only fours year old when I started there, was right on the edge of LW, so it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what a hazardous stretch of road that was.


I almost bought a car here back when I was in high school, a 1983 Mazda GLC, but I got a Rabbit GTI instead. I had plenty of friends that did buy here; I distinctly remember lots of B2000 SE pickups driven by classmates (and RX-7s by the rich ones). Now that I drive a Mazda I thought a frame from my hometown Mazda shop would be a neat addition to my car, even if it didn’t say ‘Mazda’ on it (I think most of those were plastic and didn’t survive). I’m debating whether to actually mount this on my car as the value of these old frames seems quite high, and this one already has a little ‘patina’ to it. In addition, nobody 1,800 miles away in Missouri would get the connection between the frame and my car.

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