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I bought a thing!

But before saying exactly what, I’d like to take a look at this photo from almost three years ago.

At the time, I was pretty sure this was the perfect two motorcycle collection. The SV for sport bike stuff and longer trips, the DR-Z with supermoto wheels for ripping the tight local canyons. Well, I was partially right... (Ignore the deconstructed miata)


Meet the new sled! A 2018 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

I’ve been totally in love with the idea of this bike ever since I read Sean’s first review. But I couldn’t ever find a place that would allow test rides (for good reason on a bike like this... given the general usage), and felt like it was a lot of money for a single cylinder bike. Aside from that, I was a little nervous about the 690 motor being able to keep up north of (speed omitted) on rides.


This past weekend, I went on a ride with a 690 and was pretty impressed with how hard it pulled coming out of corners. Slower than the triple, but not as much as I expected.

I started looking at dealer inventories later that night and sent out a few emails. A few days of phone calls and I found one at a deal I could handle, I picked it up yesterday morning.


This was my first new vehicle purchase, when I took the keys it had zero miles. I’d been looking a while for a used one, but in a year and a half of having an IFTTT recipe scanning classifieds, only one popped up (and it was a 2016 with the old, less smooth 690 motor). Now I know why, it’s perfect for 95% of Pacific Northwest backroads. The 2017+ motor is a masterpiece, really revvy, power everywhere, great sound, and (somehow) much smoother than a lot of twin cylinders *cough, VTX1800* **cough, Monster 1200**. No joke, for a huge single this thing just does not vibrate. The chassis is fantastic, but I need to spend a little time getting to know it.


I’ll do a longer review once I get some miles on it, but for now I’m just going to ride the hell out of it until the lovely northwest weather turns for the season.

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