I bought a thing

No more Cube. I found something with relatively low mileage that I could still afford while focusing most of my finances to pay off debt.

So, what did I get? It has RWD and a V8. It can technically seat 6. I’m not saying any more until I take a pic.

Edit: SpaceballTwo got the model right first, and Chuckles got the general vehicle type first. You both win several internets! I bought a 2008 Ford F-150 XL. It’s RWD and has the 4.6 V8. That means it’s both the first V8 powered vehicle and the most powerful vehicle I’ve owned. I’ve owned a lot of underpowered cars, LOL.


It’s been cared for pretty well, and everything seems very mechanically sound. Just driving it the little bit that I have, I love it. It has manual everything, but has cruise control and the upgraded stereo with an aux jack.

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