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I bought a thing

My 911 racecar blew the engine. The Corvette needed both an engine teardown and rebuild and so did the diff and it was happily purchased by my neighbor months ago and for him it needs neither.


I don’t have a lot of good stress management skills and I’ve found that working on cars frustrates me sometimes but if I can get a Boxster in great mechanical shape for cheap, who cares how it looks? I’ve already pulled out as bunch of damage and honestly it’s manically sound aside from the right rear rim having a crack on the lip. So I can’t track it until I fix that. But the engine and underbody are completely dry. So I’ll be managing stress at Laguna Seca within the month.

I doubt I’ll be able to get a lap faster than 1:55 in it until I put in some work and then it’ll be 1:47 maybe. But hey — $2500. Just so long as I’m able to walk away from hitting the wall I’ll just keep on walking.


I have a bunch of stuff from my 911 that has been handy already. 0-40 oil isn’t the easiet to find. I have half a case left.

Never would I suggest this a wise and prudent use of money unless you need to truly, honestly forget every problem in your life and the bills and your boss. If you need that like I do, they’re out there cheap and damn near track ready. You just might want to set up an automated Craiglist search and have a little extra cash on hand somewhere. Worked for me.

Go team Parsh!!!

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