I Bought a Thing

I may have just broken my number one rule in the most spectacular way possible.

Never have more than one project car.

Womp womp. I bought another project car. A badass project car. My wife hates me so much right now.


So quick story time for my fellow Opponauts: It’s a 1987 Buick Grand National, seemingly mostly original with about 59000kms on the clock. It was taken apart, painted and then never put back together and has been sitting for a little over five years since. And I have cut probably close to 60 lbs of random junk wire out of it, including amp harnesses and a whole aftermarket alarm system so far.

That’s most of it’s story.

So now I have to put it back together which is proving way more problematic than initially anticipated, which of course has aggravated my wife to no end as she hated the idea to begin with. It came with let’s say roughly 75-85% of the parts I need, and some of the parts it did come with are in rough to terrible condition after sitting for so long.


I also had to patch the floor in the rear of the car on both sides under the bench seat. I was cursing the seller at this point as it’s now obvious to me that the rot was there long before the body was done, and I suspect it’s the real reason the work never continued. How I missed it when I was so sure I was as thorough as possible while inspecting it before buying, I don’t know, must have just been the excitement getting the better of me. It is a car I have been wanting since.. I don’t know, age 10 or so.

Good thing my couch is comfortable ‘cause I’m probably gonna be on it for a while.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. And wires.

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