I bought a thing.

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I’ve been wanting to get some more exercise in between outings of the cracks and holes hiking club, and running sucks (and I’m not required to do so anymore, been there, got the uniforms) so I started thinking it was time to get a bike again.

I always had (cheapo) mountain bikes as a kid, and I used to have a Specialized Hardrock, so I started off thinking I wanted another hardtail mtb. When I got honest about what I’m most likely to ride (some road, gravel ditchbanks/Forest Service/BLM roads, and the occasional mild single track), I realized a full on mountain bike wasn’t really the best tool for that. So after work I went to the local bike shop of choice to see what they might have that would be suitable for around a grand.


I became smitten by these Salsa Journeyman Soras. I tried out a variety of frame sizes and wheel setups before settling on a 700b wheelset and 37mm tires. They just felt so good on pavement, and the carbon fork soaked up more bumps than I thought it would. There will likely be a future second wheel set in 27.5 with some full on 2.2 inch mtb tires for days when the single track really calls.

I also hadn’t planned on a drop bar bike, but once I tried one I really liked the position. In the end I gave them some money and the bike should be all setup and ready for me tomorrow morning.

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