I’ve been looking for a truck for a few months now and I finally found one in my price range with one of the few engines I wanted that is super clean. My criteria were 3/4 or 1 ton (we tow an 8000lb boat and my old F150 wasn’t cutting it), crew cab, 4x4, and either diesel or big block. Most everything diesel was far more than I wanted to pay and most everything older was rusted to crap being in the midwest. Finally I found this monster. 2000 Chevy K3500 crew cab dually with 454 less than 100k miles and probably the cleanest C/K truck in the midwest (seriously, I had a hard time finding any rust). Now I didn’t really need a dually or a long bed, but it ticked all the right boxes for the right price. One question for you guys though, we have started calling the truck Yoshi, because A) Yoshi is Mario’s ride and B)Yoshi is a dinosaur/monster/beast, but my wife wants me to get personalized plates saying Yoshi on it. Yay or nay on the plates? I’m torn on it because I’m a cheap-ass who doesn’t want to spend the extra money on it lol.