Well, technically I bought it almost two months ago, but life has been pretty busy since and I never quite got around to making a post until now. Anyway, here it is! A 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road with(yes!) the 6-speed manual.

I never thought I’d buy a new vehicle but here we are, never say never I guess! What it came down to was needing to thin down to one vehicle because of unpredictable parking situations, needing something that was reliable to a fault/not be a time pit for a long commute for a job I take seriously and can’t jeopardize because I’m a weirdo who likes shitboxes, but also am at a point in my life where I can afford something like this.

I went for a Tacoma because I wanted proper four-wheel-drive and a manual, which makes my options this or a Wrangler. I considered something sporty like a Fiesta ST or a GTI but I wanted this vehicle to be something I’d keep for a very long time. I could see myself keeping this as long as it lasts, which should be very long being a Tacoma, but I know myself and my automotive ADHD. I’ll always lust after various sporty things but a truck is a truck. I’d rather have this as a bulletproof daily/adventure/utility vehicle for a very long time and pick up some cheap/fun shitbox in a few years when I have a more predictable parking situation, or not depending on where life takes me.


If anyone’s every had a question about a stick 3rd-gen Tacoma ask away! I’ll probably write an in-depth review eventually.