As I'm sure a few of you have noticed, I've spent the last few months clawing at the front door of the local Subaru dealer, waiting anxiously for the 2015 WRX I had ordered to come in. Well! It finally arrived and now that it's properly labelled, I figured it was time for an introduction.

Ignore the general saltiness, I had a good 12 hours of ownership to slather it in wax and sealant before it became completely salt encrusted for the next 4 months, upstate NY roads can be a bitch. It's a bit too early in the break-in period to really weight in on the power but even under 3K rpms it still feels like a freight train pulling. The turbo spool is very audible which is awesome. Its been a huge step up from the NA Legacy in terms of sophistication and technology, I don't have any pictures handy of the interior but it's really well appointed for the price point.

Unfortunately I did have to trade in the Legacy, she'll be dearly missed.