I actually picked it up about 2 months ago, but other things came up and its just been sitting. Its a 1992 BMW 325I with 142K miles. I bought it on an online auction after only seeing a few half blurry photos, but the price was too good to pass on.


I drove it home about 60 miles on the interstate and one curvy side road and it was awesome! I bought this as a flip but am a little scared I might become attached to it. It was last registered in 2012 so it has a few issues:

-power steering not functioning

-front brakes are grindy

-top wont fold all the way down

-can’t see out the rear window

-central locking doesn’t work, so the fuel cap can only be opened by the backup which is a complete bitch to get to

-slight occasional ticking coming from the top end

-needs a new battery

-paint has some fading on the hood/trunk

-many multiple small issues (light bulbs, trim, mirror, etc.)


Interior in fairly good shape, unfortunately an auto but still fun.



Engine bay is a complete mess and needs a lot of cleaning/refinishing.



Previous owner left quite a few goodies in the trunk which should come in handy!

Next steps are to replace all fluids, the front brakes and get some miles on it.