That’s right everybody! i traded in my GLI for the AR15 of sports cars, the ford mustang! This particular example is a 2011.5 mustang GT premium, so it comes with the 5.0 V8 (so i can hit crowds faster), the glass roof (so i can watch their bodies fly over the car) and a manual transmission! (so i can clutch-kick my way in to the crowd in the first place!)

Now, if you’re wondering what drove me to buy this car instead of the S550 i’ve been wanting, i have a few reasons for it. The least of which is that this particular example was owned by a caring individual who modified it extensively, thus saving me money! Everyone knows buying a modded car is better than a stock one! The 2nd reason i bought it is that the owner assured me (private party sale) that the car has only hit 3 crowds since he bought it new, which means it’s barely broken in!

the only real issue with the car i see is this scrach on the back bumper, which the owner asured me came from hitting a stroler while aiming for a fat guy in a crowd he plowed in to. He assured me it was only cosmetic, and even tossed in two free cans of matching white plastidip for me to fix it with, how kind!


Did i mention saddle leather? becasue saddle leather! it’s very comfy to sit in as i run people down in it!


And what do you guys think i paid for this beautiful brute? You’d be wrong, because i actually didn’t pay for it! I didn’t actually buy one in the first place! This is my buddies’ dad’s car that he lets his son and I drive occasionally, and i couldn’t resist but dig up these pictures (from early 2015 actually) and jump on the mustang trolling bandwagon!

seriously though, i will probably have an S550 soon! :)