I bought a thing today (MK4 GTI content)

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It’s a little rough, is going to need some work, but it runs strong and will be a fun, quick little beater/daily. I actually have a spare turbo from my Audi project that I can replace this one’s internals with if/when it goes (the turbo is whining). Everything works but the A/C, has a tear in the driver’s seat along with some other issues in the interior, and is a salvage title due to a hit it took to the rear.


I already have a weekend fun/nice/project car in the Allroad, so a cheap beater just made sense. I have a few VW/Audi buddies who have tons of knowledge and parts for these as well, so I’m not totally in the dark in working on these.

It’s definitely a “looks great from 15 feet” sorta car, but it’ll do. It pulls every bit as strong as 180hp should, feels surprisingly sturdy on the road, and it should make for a practical daily beater.


Oh, and I only paid $1,200 for it, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

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