I bought a totally GERMAN van not at all associated with the late Lee Iacocca. Nope, nothing Chrysler here.

It’s a 2013, loaded with all the wizzgigs, a 3.6 Penta-er... Volksastar V6, and came with massive depreciation courtesy of the previous owner who paid $41,000 for it 6 years ago. We paid $8,500.

It’s infinitely better at everything than the stupid RAV4. The wife’s fleet company comes to retrieve that turrible tin can tomorrow. Never again will I squirm with excruciating back pain on every drive longer than 15 minutes. Never again will I be driven mad by the overwhelming amount of NVH. Never again will I beg that awful transmission for a shift. Never again will I pull its rickety dollar store door handles. Never again will I shut its doors with the satisfying hollow plunk of an old Rubbermaid storage bin. Gah, I’m getting weepy-eyed...


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