This morning I posted about an ‘89 F350, but I didn’t end up going that route...I just really wanted this badge right here:

I looked at this truck yesterday and the price was okay, but then the seller called me after and offered it to me for $3000, which I couldn’t pass up.

It’s an ‘01 F250 XLT 4x4 with one of my all time favorite engines: a 7.3L Powerstroke diesel. It also only has 150k on it, so it’s barely broken in.


It has what I’ve learned is universally called ‘typical Ford rot’: both rear wheel wells and a cab corner are gone, but it’s super solid otherwise. Frame is great, and even the supports and structure of the bed are (with one exception) excellent.


The interior is excellent, it’s going to clean up great. It’s got an ABS light on, which I’m hoping is just a sensor, and might have a small manifold leak...but again, $3000 for a 7.3 Powerstroke that isn’t completely full of holes.

On top of that, I think a friend of mine is buying my 2000 F150, which I’m happy about. That truck used to belong to my brother, who passed away a few years ago, and this friend who’s buying the truck was basically my brother’s best friend. So I’m fairly stoked he’s getting my brother’s truck.


This will not become a Bro Dozer, by the way. I’m short, I have enough trouble getting in the fucking thing now, forget if I lifted it.