I went and bought a 2WD 2015 GMC Sierra with 9,000 miles on it to replace the shitfest that was my Buick. But I immediately proceeded to put3,200 miles on the truck in the first two weeks I had it and it tackled them beautifully! UNTIL I went to drive into work this morning...

And this happened...

About now you’re probably thinking, “OMG lolz you try and do a truck pull or some stupid shit?!?”


No... No I fucking didn’t. I went to accelerate (probably 3/4 throttle) from maybe 10 mph on a GOD DAMN WET ROAD...

That’s right ladies and gents, only I could manage to snap a driveshaft at parking lot speeds, on a wet road... What I want to know though, is what kind of dogshit is this driveshaft? I didn’t measure it yet but best I can tell that’s a fucking 5" OD and maybe a 1/16th sidewall on a V8 pickup.... What the fuck? (for the record, the cardboard is a vibration damper, though I agree it makes it look even more insane.


Idk wtf the black plastic piece is. (This picture was taken like 10 hours later at the dealership)


My first thought though when I saw it was (well after the initial, “You’ve got to be kidding me”) someone has to have swapped on an aftermarket driveshaft. There’s no way GM would produce this dogshit (lol jk they totally would), I mean it doesn’t even have a part number on it. So I went and looked at a 2016 Chevy worktruck they had on the lot (2wd, regular cab, but a V6) and that looked a a bit better...

Yup looks like a driveshaft. You can’t see it here, but it also has the part number on an ID plate/sticker at about its midpoint. Seems legit. So my GMC must have an aftermarket one on it.


Then I remembered something. U-Haul stocks 2015/2016 GMC Sierra ‘s in regular cab, 2WD, work truck trim. So I took a trip down, and yea....


What the fuck. Unless U-Haul is swapping these dogshit axles onto their trucks, that’s 110% GMC fuckery right there.

Moving on though, I’m going to keep the name of the dealership to myself for the time being (They’ve only had my truck for a day, no need to get all up in their grill) but will say that they were nice enough to put me in one of their used trucks to get me by in the meantime... The only downside is that it happens to be a 2004 or some BS with 247,000 miles on it, and still has the giant “$4,650" stickers on the windshield for that extra, “This is what we think your business is worth” factor.

Anyways, if any other opponauts have a 2015/2016 Sierra sitting around go take a quick look and snap a pic of what yours has, I’m curious (and rather fucking pissed) whether this is actually what GMC decided to put on these or if I’m being absolutely shafted (pun intended).


UPDATE: Looks like all the 5.3L Chevy’s and GMC’s might use this driveshaft, Have yet to find a 2015/2016 withthe 5.3L and any other type of driveshaft. I’m also not the first one to bust one in spectacular fashion, courtesy of Ilovecars:

UPDATE 2: It’s entirely possible that this is related to the GMC/Chevy vibration issue that’ve been pretty well documented over the last year or so. This video shows a pretty clear view of possible driveshaft runout or the imperfection in its rotation essentially.