I bought an Italian thing!

Tonight I went and picked up this 2009 Vespa 150 LX. It has 8800 miles on it, it’s been dropped once, but it is in perfect mechanical shape. It is the perfect scooter for my wife to learn on. And indeed, this one is for her.

I wouldn’t be riding if I hadn’t bought us a 5-hour scooter class for her birthday a couple years ago. I took right to it, but she had some trouble with low speed manuvering, and hasn’t riden since. She’s always wanted a Vespa, so when this one popped up on Facebook at an affordable price, I quite literally emptied my piggy bank to buy it for her. She deserves it, and I want her to ride with me. She is very excited.


First impressions of riding it: it’s kinda slow off the line, but I saw the high side of 55mph with my fat butt on it. I gotta say though, it’s super comfortable, and the thing soaks up bumps like an old Cadillac. Overall, this was a good purchase.

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