I bought another one...

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It was only $15. These little things are wonderful, especially when connected to the lights, Chromecast, Smart TV, misc devices and thermostat. I’m now up to four of them (plus the odd Siri and Alexa; poor Cortana is being ignored).


I just discovered that you can pair these for stereo so I put one on each nightstand and can use them to help get me to sleep or to relax (or to drown out the neighbor’s bathroom fan that’s been running for two hours...) whilst not in the same league quality-wise as my dedicated audio gear, they sound remarkably good for their size and price. I hear that the Nest versions sound even better, but considering the minuscule investment I have in these ($56 for all four) I’m certainly not going to complain.

I’m going to have to figure out how to get my personal music library to play back through this setup. In the meantime, Google does a very nice job of streaming tunes when I ask it to play a favorite artist. AND THERE ARE NO COMMERCIALS! SUCK IT PANDORA!

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