And it's kind of a big thing actually. Last month I looked through my car bills and made some calculations. It turned out I spent more than 5k in 8,5 months on my car. I literally shit my pants. My 2007 GTI was not reliable due to many many factors..

So I started looking around to see if I could trade in my GTI (my goal was to have 12k) and lease something that would cost around 100$ a month with the trade-in. Of course, I started by going to Volkswagen to see if I could afford a MK7 GTI. Thing is, the 3-door is expecting to be delivered as late as august and I didn't want a 5-door. I also want to trade-in my car before summer when it still has some value. Then, I looked at the GLI Edition 30 which is unbeliavably beautiful but the buy-back was something like 14k and on a 32k car it shows on the monthly payments. So I stopped on a 2014 Jetta TSI Highline 5-spd manual. This is the equivalent of the SEL trim in the US and the TSI is the new 1.8T. I could have this car on a 24 months lease for 70$ a month, big deal ! I was about to sign but I wanted to show the offer to my uncle who works as a salesman.

Have a look at the GLI's magnificent lights :

So I went to see him expecting to have good advice on how to lower my payments even more. On the other hand, he was expecting to sell me one of his freaking Hondas and it worked.


I signed a 24 months lease on a new 2014 Honda Civic SI sedan. But why not the Jetta? It lacks a few things to my taste. It has steering wheel controls on only one side and I think that looks stupid, it doesn't have the GLI LED from and rear lights, it doesn't look sporty and most importantly, the SI is such a good deal that I'll have 2k in my pockets at the end of the lease. That is being paid to lease a brand new top-of-the-line car, sort of. I told myself a bit of change wouldn't hurt too.

So what's your problem you fool ?

The problem is Honda. I get the whole « their cars are reliable and sell well », but that's only it. Their cars are not attractive (I'm looking at you CR-V), they don't change anything on the automotive landscape and they lack features and refinement. And you cannot disagree with that unless you own a Honda, you owned a Honda or you own something Japanese and feel the need to protect other Japanese brands.. I always thought their cars were driven by the kind of person that couldn't care less about driving and just wanted to go from A to B without being noticed.


And I don't get why the SI fans are not pissed at Honda. They realesed a new car in 2012, they changed it in 2013 and again in 2014. A 2012 Civic that is now 2 years old is dated, isn't worth as much money as it should and looks like a 2008. This is the kind of decision that make them look like fools. But they don't bother because they'll keep selling Civics to 60 years old women.

Hey by the way, the 14 Civic now has a CVT. Just to add more fun to the car, you know.

But then, why did you buy a Honda you moron ?

I couldn't pass the deal. I'm a student, I work part-time and I have not the time nor the money to spend on a 7 years old car. But I still want something sporty and fun. The 2014 finally has what it needed to have since 2010. I'm talking about a proper touch screen, keyless entry and start, exhaust and suspension tweaks, some more horsepower, a nicer interior and other things.


I'll never like Hondas as much as I like Volkswagens. I know I'll like my new car but not as much as my GTI. I'll miss the VW community, the spirit and all that. I'll miss my xenon lights, my leather and the colour of my car.

Now, I don't know which colour I should get. I really like the grey on this picture but I think I'll miss a bright colour.


That was my 2 cents, I'm going out now to take my GTI for a drive.