2011 Mazda 3 with 132k miles. 2.0L/5sp. Very basic model with A/C and power windows and door locks. No other bells nor whistles, not even a cruise control, not even remote key fobs. Fewer things for me to repair later, which is good. Perfectly straight, perfectly clean. Not sure I like the tint on the back windows, and the guy paid $300+ to have it detailed, which means every surface inside and out is doused with Armor All, which I detest and loath. Will Windex cut that crap? Also, the factory paper cone speakers sound like doo-doo, so I’ll be checking out I bought the car from its original owner and all services were performed by the Mazda dealership. The owner was a fastidious Turkish software engineer. $4,200

(Pixel 2 takes nice pictures, doesn’t it?)

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